When you go vegetable shopping in the supermarket, you choose your favorite vegetable. It is good to eat the veggies you like. At times, you should give a try to other veggies which are filled with nutrients. Have you ever thought of trying brinjal?

Most men are against brinjal because they either do not like the taste or they do not like the vegetable itself. Some men find great taste in brinjal. 

Eating brinjal gives a man’s health many benefits. Men who do not like to indulge in brinjal can enhance the taste to make the veggie edible. Make various recipes of brinjal which will make the dishes delectable. 

To enhance sexual performance and sexual health, brinjal can be the apt veggie for men. Try out different delicious dishes of brinjal and keep adding them to your lunch or dinner to derive sufficient amounts of nutrients. 

As it is mentioned above, many men do not like to eat brinjal. On seeing a dish made of brinjal, they keep the dish away. For such men, they can try out substitutes for brinjal which will seem to be interesting for them. The interesting thing is the same nutrients are available in the substitutes of brinjal which men need for their health. The substitutes of this veggie can keep sexual and physical disorders away. Cenforce 100 mg can promote better sexual health in men which can keep their sex lives enjoyable. 

Which Alternatives Of Brinjal Men Can Try In Their Plates? 

Portobello Mushrooms:

Men who are fond of the flavorsome and meaty taste of the veggies can try out portobello mushrooms. This veggie can be a great alternative for brinjal which you would like to have in your meals. Portobello mushrooms are known for their versatility, as you can make this veggie in various ways. 

Prepare grilled sandwiches of this veggie or make a filling in this veggie to make portobello mushrooms a delicious dish. In place of brinjal, portobello mushrooms can give you the taste and nutrition you look for. This veggie is packed with minerals and vitamins and it is low in calories which makes a perfect veggie for men. 

Whether you are a strict vegetarian, portobello mushrooms can make your day. The earthy and hearty texture of portobello mushrooms is indeed a great substitute for eggplants. Roast or grill this veggie to enjoy a distinct taste in the veggie. 

You can prepare various recipes of portobello mushrooms which can provide goodness to the taste. Keep eggplants away and delve into the taste and nutrition of portobello mushrooms. For great sexual health, Vidalista 20 mg Generic Cialis can be a great sexual wellness pill for men. 


If eggplants give you allergies, nothing to worry about. Switch to a healthy and nutritious alternative to eggplant which is cauliflower. The meaty texture of cauliflower will make you eat this veggie over and over again. Prepare curries of cauliflower, make varieties of fries of this veggie, or roast this veggie to get different tastes from different recipes. For a man’s healthy living, cauliflower is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. 

Replace brinjals with cauliflowers to get the maximum nutrients. If you want to eat a meaty veggie, give it a try cauliflowers instead of eggplants. Marinate the pieces of cauliflower with various spices to make stir-fries which will make the dish too tasty. Add a nutritional boost to your body with mouthwatering cauliflower dishes. Fildena 100 mg pills increase the sustainability of erections.


If brinjals are not on the list of your favorite veggies, switch to zucchini which is known as a summer squash veggie. This is a versatile veggie that adds great flavor and texture to a wide variety of zucchini recipes. 

Do you know how many types of zucchini dishes you can try out every day for your lunch and dinner? The best thing is that the texture of zucchini is quite similar to eggplants. Saute, grill, or bake zucchini to enhance the taste of this meaty veggie. You can also make noodles of zucchini which can be great to eat. 

This veggie is brimming with fiber, potassium, and vitamins C and A which can make your health good in every way. Make lasagna of zucchini and add it to your regular meal to indulge in the taste and nutrition. The tender texture and mild flavor are a great alternative to eggplants. Keep your sexual health condition good with medicines that are available in Powpills online pharmacy. 

Sweet Potatoes:

If you feel upset after seeing dishes of eggplants on your platter, give it a try to sweet potatoes. Many men do not know that sweet potatoes have a sweet touch which gives your dish a taste of sweetness. Have mashed or roasted sweet potatoes to add richness to your meal. 

If you are not a fan of aubergine, sweet potatoes can be a great substitute for aubergine which can also add a variety to your dish. Prepare stews, virtues, and delicious roasted dishes to impress your stomach. Your taste buds will make you feel great when mashed or roasted sweet potatoes are in your meals.

Bottom line 

Men who are allergic to brinjals or do not like the taste of eggplants can have different dishes of eggplant substitutes. The aforementioned veggies can be a great substitute for eggplants which can give a great taste to your taste buds. 

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