joie chavis net worth

Joie Chavis, an American model, entrepreneur, and prominent figure in the world of social media, initially gained widespread recognition for her high-profile relationship with the American rapper Bow Wow. Beyond her association with the music industry, Joie Chavis has carved out a multifaceted career that has solidified her status as a respected entrepreneur.

While Joie is celebrated for her modeling prowess, her entrepreneurial pursuits have also garnered considerable attention and acclaim. Her ability to diversify her talents and interests showcases her multifaceted personality. Despite the challenges of motherhood, Joie Chavis has managed to defy expectations by maintaining a remarkable figure, a testament to her dedication and discipline.

In this article we discuss about joie chavis net worth, Biography, Personal life, height and career. Joie rise to stardom has been significantly facilitated by her strong presence on Instagram, where she has amassed a vast following. Her captivating content and engaging posts have captivated millions of fans, who eagerly follow her life and journey. Through her social media platform, Joie has not only inspired countless individuals but has also become a source of empowerment for those looking to balance personal life, career, and health.


Born on September 27, 1988, in Torrance, California, Joie Chavis has risen to fame as one of the most popular and affluent Instagram stars. As of June 1, 2023, her estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, a testament to her thriving online presence.

In 2017, Joie’s romantic life took a public turn when she was first romantically linked to the rapper Future. However, it was her on-and-off relationship with rapper Bow Wow that truly catapulted her into the spotlight, making her a known figure in the entertainment industry.

joie chavis net worth

On the digital front, Joie boasts a substantial following on her Instagram account, @joiechavis, with a fanbase of 1.5 million devoted followers. Her engaging content and charismatic personality have undoubtedly contributed to her social media success.

Joie Chavis’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as well. She embarked on a business venture by launching an online store called “Shop Shai,” named after her daughter.

In the realm of motherhood, Joie shares a daughter, Shai Moss, with Bow Wow. Additionally, in 2018, she welcomed her son, Hendrix, into the world with Future, marking another significant milestone in her personal life.

Personal life

Joie Chavis has often found herself in the midst of media scrutiny due to her intriguing love life. Her romantic escapades have made headlines, with her most notable relationship being with the renowned rapper, Bow Wow. Their rollercoaster romance began in 2010 and endured for a few years before coming to an end in 2013. This union bore a daughter named Shia Moss.

In 2016, Chavis and Bow Wow rekindled their love, giving their relationship a second chance. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, their differences proved insurmountable, resulting in another breakup in 2017.

Following her split with Bow Wow, Chavis briefly entered into a relationship with another famous rapper, Future. Their love story, albeit brief, led to an unexpected twist as she became pregnant with Future’s child and gave birth to a son named Hendrix. Remarkably, despite their separation, Future remains devoted to Chavis and their son, actively participating in their upbringing.

Post her time with Future, Chavis ventured into new romantic waters, engaging in affairs with Hit-Boy and Bu Thiam.

In September 2021, Joie Chavis took center stage on Twitter when kissing photos with rapper Diddy went viral, sparking widespread attention and discussions. Despite the buzz surrounding her love life, Chavis has chosen to remain tight-lipped about her current relationship status, keeping her personal life largely private.

Height, Weight & Measurements

Joie Chavis possesses a statuesque stature, measuring an elegant 5 feet 5 inches, equivalent to 165 cm. In terms of weight, she maintains a well-balanced physique, tipping the scales at approximately 58 kg, or 128 pounds.

Her body showcases harmonious proportions, with measurements of 37-26-38 inches, highlighting her hourglass figure. Complementing her overall look, she boasts a striking mane of black hair, which frames her features beautifully, while her dark brown eyes exude an air of mystique.


Early Beginnings:

Joie Chavis embarked on her career journey early in life, stepping into the world of modeling when she was just 7 years old. As she grew older, her talents expanded beyond the runway, leading her to become a proficient backup dancer. Her exceptional dance skills opened doors to numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry, particularly in music videos, where she made appearances as a backup dancer, leaving an indelible mark.

Instagram Stardom:

Joie’s presence on Instagram has catapulted her into the digital limelight. Her feed is a captivating collection of stunning pictures that have captivated a growing legion of followers. As of the latest count, her Instagram boasts a substantial 1.8 million followers, a testament to her influence in the realm of social media.

joie chavis net worth

Entrepreneurial Pursuits:

Beyond her social media success, Joie Chavis has diversified her career portfolio by establishing an online retail venture named “Shop Shai.” This e-commerce platform offers a range of clothing brands and is dedicated to her daughter, Shai Moss, reflecting her commitment to both her family and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Joie Chavis has amassed an estimated fortune of approximately $1.5 million. Notably, she receives financial support from her former partner, Bow Wow, amounting to around $11,500, contributing to the upbringing of their daughter, Shai Moss. Additionally, her ex-boyfriend Future is also actively involved in supporting her as they raise their son, Hendrix, demonstrating their dedication to co-parenting.


Joie Chavis has forged a dynamic and multifaceted career that spans modeling, dance, entrepreneurship, and social media stardom. Beginning her journey as a model at a young age, she transitioned into the world of dance, making her mark as a backup dancer in numerous music videos. This early exposure to the entertainment industry set the stage for her rising career.

Joie’s ascent continued as she found immense popularity on Instagram, where her stunning pictures and engaging content have attracted a dedicated following of 1.8 million fans. Simultaneously, she ventured into entrepreneurship, launching “Shop Shai,” an online retail store named after her daughter, Shai Moss.

Her financial success is also evident in her estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million by 2022. Notably, Joie receives support from her former partners, Bow Wow and Future, in raising their children, demonstrating her dedication to co-parenting.

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