Podcasts are a new form of content that has been on the rise in recent years. A common trend on TikTok is podcasters sharing a clip from their weekly episodes. This entices viewers and makes them want to listen to your podcast’s episodes that you may upload. This blog will be an all-encompassing guide to podcasts and their relation with TikTok. 

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio episodes of radio shows or TV shows. There are many platforms available for podcasting such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. You can even set up a website for a podcast. A podcaster will need to set up a viable hosting platform before setting up a podcast. The format of podcasts involves one or more people speaking into microphones for crisp audio, while the whole conversation is aired either with video or without. 

Starting a Podcast 

Starting a podcast requires speaking skills and knowledge of podcasting software. Additionally, you’ll also need knowledge of the business world and marketing skills for podcasting. You’ll need to be able to talk live while articulating your thoughts clearly and delivering your key points. When it comes to the future of content marketing, podcasts require more hands-on knowledge and adequate preparation. The best way to market a podcast is to post a snippet of your recently created episode on TikTok, where you can buy followers and likes via Celebian to engage with them. 


Podcasts have several formats just like TikToks. You can have an interview format where you invite a guest to share experiences and knowledge. There are also conversational podcasts where you can have a more casual approach with multiple speakers. You can make educational podcasts to prove your authority on a niche. You can also do a less intense podcast in the form of a podcast theater.

Monetizing Podcasts

podcasters can also make money via affiliate marketing but there are other options. These revenue options are exclusive content, paid deals, donations, crowdfunding, ads, selling paid content, etc. 

There are many options for earning revenue through creating TikToks and podcasting. Profits you get from a TikTok or a podcast depend on how you build up your audience and whether you can create a strong base of readers and listeners that stay updated with your content.

How Long It Takes to Create a Podcast 

Podcasts that are usually 40 minutes long require 4 to 5 hours of creation and editing. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into podcasting since most podcasts exceed the 40-minute mark and are released weekly. There’s a lot of work when it comes to podcasting before releasing the content. The first step is usually planning and prepping for the show. Then come recording the podcasting and editing it if it’s not live. There’s a lot of effort that goes into these stages of podcasting.

Podcasting Costs 

Affordable podcasting gear costs about $400. Your budget should include the cost of a good computer, headphones, recording software, a microphone, editing tools, advertising, and branding. However, these are initial costs, building up your audience and improving content quality requires more funds.

Trends for creating TikToks and Podcasting 

Here are some trends you can use to create snippets of your podcasts for TikTok. 

  • Interactive and Participatory Posts. TikToks and podcasts shouldn’t be limited to one-way communication. For TikToks, you can ask your readers what they would like to see more of and build upon their suggestions. But for podcasts, you can create interactive and participatory podcasts. You can do this through Q&A sessions, live listener call-ins, polls, etc. Making interactive forms of content can help you bond with your audience and foster a sense of community. This way you enhance your engagement and get real feedback. 
  • Personalized and Niche Content. Podcasts and TikToks are becoming increasingly popular since anyone can start a podcast or a TikTok. Content creators need to focus on developing niche content that caters to their target audience. In place of creating content on broad topics, podcasts, and TikToks should dive deeper. 
  • Transmedia Storytelling. Transmedia storytelling is becoming increasingly popular in the world of content marketing, especially in TikToks and podcasts. Content creators can use this trick to tell a story or a narrative across media platforms, like social media, videos, live events, and especially podcasts and TikToks. Creators need to utilize different mediums to captivate listeners. This compelling form of content creates an immersive and comprehensive experience for listeners and readers. You can build engagement and an audience through transmedia storytelling. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Integration of Voice Assistants. AI and voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa can help you create content. You can integrate voice assistants and AI into your podcasts and TikToks and truly harness the power of AI. Voice assistants can give you recommendations on user preferences, provide interactive features, and offer hands-free listening experiences. A fun tip from us is to make the next guest on your podcast a voice assistant! Integrating AI and voice assistants makes your podcasts and TikToks more accessible and convenient, and boosts user experience. 
  • Localization and Global Expansion. Podcasts and TikToks are a way of crossing borders and language barriers. This led to a surge in localization and global expansion. Creators are able to reach an international audience now more than ever, and you need to adapt your content to different regions and cultures as well. You can foster diversity, cultural exchange, and exclusivity.


Podcasts are emerging as a top contender for forms of popular content. It can be a great source of income and TikTok fame. Your audience will truly enjoy watching snippets of your podcasts in the form of a TikTok. Your podcast can also easily go viral and you can reap the benefits of creating TikToks for your podcast. 


A tip from us is to share a behind-the-scenes clip of you creating your podcast on TikTok. Your followers are sure to enjoy it since it adds a personal touch to your brand. 

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