T-shirts have been around for many decades as casual wear but they can be more. Using corporate shirt printing services businesses and groups can create t-shirts for employees and customers to wear that market the business. Then wherever it is worn, at a grocery store, in a restaurant, at a gym, or at a community event for example, your brand is out there and you are generating potential leads, some of which become actual clients or customers. Here is a look at how to get the best results with your customised printing efforts.

Think about the word order

It is best to use intuitive word order rather than trying to be overly clever. English speakers are used to reading from left to right and then start at the top and work down. Anything else and they will not get the right message. A lot of people choose to make the keywords larger in the middle because they think that is where people’s eyes go first, but it just means the reader has to spend longer to make sense of the message and that might work against you.

Try to use computer-designed text and logos

If you have paid for a professionally designed hand-drawn logo you will need to have it recreated digitally for it to work for company shirt printing purposes. Otherwise talk to the printer so you can ensure the digital logo you use is in the right format. You want it to look professional as this is your chance to make an outstanding first impression.

Keep the information simple

When you are thinking about what to put on the shirt as you consider your corporate shirt printing options, simple is always more successful. It needs to be as easy as it can be for them to see and remember you contact information so that they can get in touch with you. Rather than having a whole shirt of email, phone numbers, addresses and such that is harder to pick out what they need, you should keep it to one easy-to-read thing. Some people even choose to have a QR code on the shirts they customise. Short website addresses are easier to remember.

Make sure the text is readable and clear

A mistake a lot of people make when creating printed shirts is to use the wrong fonts or make the text too small. Overly complex text styles or small print is just too hard to read. There is little point in making it so people need to have perfect vision to pick up anything. Keep with simple text like serif fonts and make sure it is big enough.


When you are investing in company shirt printing in order to get the results you are hoping for you need to pay attention to the details. Font type and size, keeping the text simple, type of logo and word order are some of those details. Then you can decide whether as well as using the printing service for t-shirt printing, you also create other items like hats, bags, jackets and hoodies.

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